What is Career Guidance

To provide a comprehensive service to all Persons who seek guidance, to enable self-evaluation of own attributes and select the most suitable major discipline and provide information, on the options under the selected discipline, for consideration leading to a conscious decision to target specific occupational opportunities to pursue.

On signing on to the Website and obtaining a user name and Password a decision requires to be made on the purpose of your entry to the site by selecting A or B as your requirement

A. Use to evaluate attributes and identify the likely Major discipline and review options training etc which requires to register with National ID or equivalent. The users will go thru selection of most appropriate attributes followed by selection of Major discipline etc.This option  make use of the full  facilities of the proposed system.

The ability to back track and change the selection is also available to users. Further Option A users will be tracked and multiple access allowed.


B. To obtain details of a select occupations and related data inclusive of options for training. Which is  considered as a casual inquiry does not need  formal registration but use like using Google/wikipedia etc. All responses to inquiries will be directed to the Data base  contents and thru access to related websites.

The inquiries  would be by key words for occupations; once connected to the DB, all information on training; career paths; earnings; opportunities etc should  be available