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Welcome to Organization of Professional Associations of Sri Lanka Career Guidance website

Introduction to OPA

The Organization of Professional Associations (OPA) is the apex body of 43 Member Associations with a total membership of more than 50,000 professionals.  All major professions are represented in the OPA, and collectively provides the Professional opinion on national affairs.The OPA was concerned of the dire need for career guidance, and in its absence the waste of our educated, intelligent and talented youths’ possible contribution to national productivity.

This led to the development of The OPA Careers Chart (version 1) in 1995 which was used at Secondary Schools.

  The present Project is to create a comprehensive Website for independent access open to all citizens thereby addressing the needs of our youth; unemployed and underemployed persons.                 


The purpose to be served

 “ To provide a comprehensive service to all  Persons who seek guidance, to enable self-evaluation of own attributes and select the  most suitable major discipline and provide information, on the options under the selected discipline, for consideration leading to a conscious decision to target specific occupational opportunities to pursue”.


Further details : http://opasrilanka.org/